RIT Competitve Cybersecurity Club Conference is a student-run conference dedicated to educating and preparing RIT students to present security-related topics. Beginners are paired with veterans to prepare a talk on whatever security topic they would like to explore.

2017 Presentation List

Welcome To RC4 - Ben Bornholm
Welcome to RC3's Conference! Let's get nostaglic with the president, Ben Bornholm.
Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole - Nikko Williard, Sean Sun
Information gathering is the first step of any successful pentest. But how do you actually go about your light stalking?
RC4 Episode II: Powershell Empire Strikes Back - Nick Piazza, Joel Margilios
Powershell Empire, this time with 100% more lightsabers.
Investigating Nmap Scan Options - Brad Campbell, John Lawrence
Nmap scanning at its finest. Learn how to scan for vulnerabilites and open ports with our Tech Lead, Brad Campbell.
Intro into Volatility - Chris Halbert
Analyzing the Stuxnet memory dump with volatity to find evilness and to understand the underlying system.
Bug Bounties and Proper Responsible Disclosure - Jesse Buonanno, Josh Stuts
What do you do when you find out some problems with a company's application? Find out with SPARSA president, Jesse Buonanno.
Web Application - Jon Meyers, Sean Newman
Exploring the fundamentals of web application security by breaking down the OWASP Top Ten.
Python for Hackers - Jaime Geiger
Demonstrating tips and tricks that you can use to take advantage of Python as a hacker.
Intro To Malware Analysis - Silas Cutler
Don't be scared of malware analysis. Watch Silas Cutler, founder of Malshare, will walk you through his process.



Any member can sign up to present.


Paired talks exploring security topics.


October 22, 2017. 10am to 4pm.




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