About RC3

RIT Competitive Cybersecurity Club (RC3) is a student-run organization dedicated to educating and preparing RIT students to compete in security-related competitions, as well showcase RIT student talent in the world of security today. Whether you're new to competitive cybersecurity or a veteran, RC3 has a place for you.

RC3 centers around live individual and team-based security exercises covering a wide variety of areas in computing security, including penetration testing, windows and linux server hardening, web security, network services, and more. Throughout the semester students engage in security challenges to test their skills and knowledge.

We spend the first thirty minutes discussing news and current events in the security industry, and then present on a topic for 30-40 minutes. After the presentation we spend about an hour doing a hands on demo with a competitive element. We encourage you to ask questions and you're welcome to go at your own pace.

Regularly scheduled meetings are held Fridays at 12 pm in 70-2410, the security lab.

Core Values

Club Members - At the top of the list and the first of our Core Values because without our club members, there is no RC3.
Respect - Gaining and building mutual respect from each other and our industry peers is critical to the success of our club.
Ethics - It is important as a club and as individuals that we strive "to do the right thing".
Empowerment - Critical to the success of any organization is to create an environment and culture whereby club members are empowered to make a difference.
Dedication - As club memebers and as individuals we must be dedicated to our pursuit for knowledge, to our Core Values, and to each other.



We're open to all majors.


Hands on computer security.


Every Friday 12-2.




Breaking stuff is fun.

RC3 Executive Board

Sean Sun
Vice President:
Ohan Fillbach
Competition Architect:
Kristen Tumacder
Tech Lead:
Joel Margolis
Bryson McIver
Michael Milkovich
Sean Newman
Susan Lunn