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12:00-2:00PM - GOLISANO 2410

2:00-4:00PM - SLA-2150

With RIT's
Cybersecurity Club

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> RITSec is a student-run organization dedicated to educating and preparing RIT students to compete in security-related competitions, as well as showcasing RIT student talent in the current world of security today.
> Whether you're new to competitive cybersecurity or a veteran, RITSec has a place for you.
> We believe security is for anyone who wants to learn and center our activities around live individual and team-based security exercises covering a wide variety of areas in computing security, including penetration testing, Windows and Linux server hardening, web security, network services, and more!

Alongside Industry Experts

Come for the Challenge

We're all about pushing each other to the next level through competitions. Capture the Flag in the Fall, and Attack and Defend in the Spring. So if you think you have what it takes, come show us what you got.

Capture the Flag


In the Fall, we host an awesome Capture the Flag competition with challenges created by our executive board, alumni advisors, and company sponsors!
Sign up with your team of up to 5 students to participate and earn some crazy prizes!



The Incident Responsive Security Competition is our beginner friendly wargame where we invite seasoned penetration testers to come pwn your boxes. The best way to learn is a trial by fire, so strap on your blue team helmets, it's time to go to war.

Stay for the People

We are a member first community and always making sure that our activities bring them value. Other than our weekly general meeting, students with deep interests in specific projects or fields can apply to receive a grant or create their own interest group to explore topics with fellow club members. That's why our motto is "Security through Community"!

Let's Keep in Touch

If you're an RIT student, we'll send you our newsletter every week so you can stay up to date with our events!